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tv   News 4 at 11  NBC  May 12, 2010 11:00pm-11:35pm EDT

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tonight, a horrible car accident. a young child was killed.
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good evening. i'm jim went. >> and that accident happened near fedex field in largo, maryland. when the car lost control and hit a tree a 2 y0e8d flew out of her car seat. jackie benson joins us on the scene with the latest. >> doreen, this road is closed as you can see. they are towing away what are the pieces of this car. police say the driver was screaming, i can't find my baby. the little girl did not survive. two large pieces are all that remain of the two-door chrysler sebring sedan. a woman was at the wheel. her 2-year-old daughter was with her. the police say the girl was in the bright pink car seat seen at the top left of the screen. for unknown reasons the car left the road and plunged into the woods. the driver, who was seriously injured was able to free flers the wreckage and crawl up to the road where she was seen been a passing motorist who called 911. >> the driver was actually
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crying out for a child that she had in the vehicle and at the time the child could not below dated. apparently, the child was ejected from her child safety seat. the child was lar located. >> investigators believe the car was traveling eastbound on a curving downhill section of bright seat road near arena drive. it was about 7:30 p.m. and it had been raining. accident reconstruction officers are trying to determine how and why the chrysler crossed on to the wrong side of the road. there is not much of the car left to examine. >> right now we don't know the rate of speed that the driver was going or what possibly could have caused this accident. >> the speed limit in this section of bright seat road is 30 miles an hour. but people regularly go much faster than that. no cause of this accident has been determined at this point. doreen, back to you. >> all right, jackie benson reporting. the roads across the area are still wet out there tonight but the storms have moved on. veronica is up in the weren't
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center with more. >> jim, they've moved on. they're well down to the south of us. look at the mid-atlantic radar across areas near we petersville. and we have dry conditions here. with an easterly wind during the overnight period it's going to be drizzle and fog for us. the visibility is also at baltimore is down to four miles. two and a half in frederick and three in winchester. pockets of fog and cool conditions to start the day and the highs are going to be more like not even early spring. maybe like coming out of february. it's going to be quite chilly tomorrow. more storms on tap for later this week. back to you. >> thanks, veronica. like the weather, a large crowd gathered in southeast washington to honor the life of a murdered d.c. council intern. alonta sutton was found and family and friends reflected on
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what tutton meant to his community. first degree murder charges were filed today against a suspect saying he killed him because he wouldn't give him and his girlfriend a ride. a bullet hit a school bus full of children in fairfax county. the bus was near summit place this afternoon. when the driver heard a bang, he drove for a few blocks and got out to inspect the vehicle and called police after finding a bullet hole near the fuel tank. 31 students were on the bus when it happened. none were injured. a teenager and a weapon were found nearby. police are now trying to figure out if that teen was aiming for the bus. navigating traffic inside the beltway can be difficult enough. you might imagine a light pole, crashed to moving cars. craig is here to tell us about one driver's very close call, craig? >> dewayne miller comes to d.c. on business fairly often and like all of us he hates the traffic.
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he's gotten used to the parking lot that the 395 becomes most afternoons. but as he inched along yesterday, something fell from the sky besize snarling thask, it nearly killed him. >> all the sudden it exploded. it hit and it was like this loud bang and then all my windows popped out. >> twain miller was heading back to pennsylvania yesterday afternoon along this stretch of 395. >> i looked left at the capital and we were going so slow and the traffic was bumper to burper. >> and then traffic stopped. when it hit it hit above my head like about here but i didn't see it hit so when i first saw it and turned back, there was like this pole in front of my face and the windshield had popped in into miller was in this seat when they pole came crashing through. he got out fast. >> my immediate reaction was, i got to get out of here because i thought it was going to electrocute me.
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some concerns passersby stopped. >> i got out the back. they helped me and they were all just -- everyone was pretty amazed, including myself. >> if people were actually the most amazing because they'll really cared. they expressed that in a great manner. >> his thankfulnessness for d.c. hospitality seems to be matched for his new-found disdain for the government. he avoided a rusty falling pole yesterday but slammed into a wall of beurocracy when he tried to do something this morning? they said it would take 30 days. they didn't know who owned the poles. >> miller says he just wanted someone to check out other light poles in the area. >> this is just common sense. if they were all installed at the same time and one is rusty enough to come down, then you would think the next one, 20 yards away is equally possibly as rusty. and, you know, we might not be so fortunate for the next
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person. >> now the rusty light pole hit another car that belongs to a guy in d.c. and i talked to him and he told me he also considers himself lucky to be alive. we talked to d d.o.t. and they told us that they are aware of what happened and are investiga investigating. doreen? sharing of morgan stanley stopped after report into the investigation as to whether the company misled investors. federal prosecutors are looking into claims that morgan stanley was betting against its own drivives. morgan stanley officials deny any knowledge of an investigation. the sec charged goldman sachs with fraud following similar allegations over securities tied to subprime mortgages. republicans will head south for their convention in 2012. the republican officials picked tampa, florida, today over phoenix and salt lake city. florida is an all-important swing state with 27 electoral
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votes. the last gop convention in florida was back in 1972 when richard nixon was nominated. ahead on news4, a plane crashes and crumbles into pieces and impossiblebly, a child survives. bp released their first underwater video of the oil leak that's polluting the gulf. and the firefighters save a puppy. the montreal canadiens, remember them, still rolling in the nhl playoffs. steven strasburg getting better, if that's possible. and the big club, the nationals get a breakout game from roger bernadina to bet the [ male announcer ] what is performance?
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a support team from the netherlands is flying to libya tonight. they're going to help a 10-year-old boy who survived a plane crash last night. he is thought to be dutch because he said the boards holland to the doctors who are treating him the boy is the only survivor from a flight out of south africa. 104 passengers and crew were killed. when the airbus crashed short of the airport, on its final approach. the boy had operations on both legs today and doctors expect him to survive. another effort under way to cap the well that's spewed at least 4 million gallons of oil into the gulf of mexico. this video released by british petroleum shows what engineers are dealing with. oil is rushing from the broken well pipe like steam escaping from a guiser. a second containment box is now being lowered into place to try to stop the leak. a substitute bus driver has charged with assault after she was accused of hitting a student on the bus.
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it happened late last month on a school bus that left harmony school. and they say she asked a 15-year-old to turn down the volume on his mp 3 player. when he refused stoed, she's accused of grabbing the device and hitting. boy. she says the accusations against her are not true. still to come, the story of a young boy's battle to someday alive after a vicious attack by a neighbor's dog and why you want to pay close attention to your children this time of
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we're in the middle of dog bite season right now and hospitals report increasing numbers of people being admitted to the emergency room for injuries from dogs. many are children. in news tonight the story of one little boy who almost lost his
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life after a neighbor's pit bull got loose. >> i looked over and the pit bull had his front paws over the fence and he was about to jump over. >> dominic, then just 10 years old had been playing "tag" can some friends wen h a neighbor's pit bulldog leaped out of its yard into the dog got me and clawed my chest and then bit my face. and then i tried to block him off and he bit my arm and he grabbed me by my left leg and started throwing me around the whole ally like in circles. >> he suffered puncture wounds and tissue loss to his face and arm. even worse, the dog had torn through his if he femoral artery. it sounded like water. someone took a water bottle. that's how loud it was. >> it was like 5 hours of 19 minutes to see if he w0u8d make it into his father rushed him to
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johns hopkins hospital where doctors operated to repair the artery. even if dominic lived doctors were not sure whether they could save his leg. >> with that blood vessel being torn no blood flow going down to the leg and if leg doesn't have blood flow the leg won't make it. >> this doctor and his team saved dominic's life and his leg. dominic is now 13 years and he not only walks but he runs and jumps. the doctor says most dog bites happen at home or in a familiar place. it's usually a neighbors or a family member's dog. parents should tell children to report any dog they see who's not on a leash and avoid touching animals that are sleeping, eating or care caring for puppies. if they're around an angry dog, don't run or scream and children should stand still until someone comes to help. >> millions of people are bitten
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every year been dogs. the most common victim is a child. >> according to the centers for disease control, children between the ages of 5 and 9 are the most at risk. for the children under 4, most bites happen on the head and neck and the cdc says before you get a dog, check out whether it has a history of aggression and make sure the breed is appropriate to live in a house with children. tony believes it was a miracle that his son survived. >> it's miraculous. the fact that he survived, losing all that blood. >> i can run faster than i could before. i can do all the stuff i was able to. >> gives a pretty good demonstration, doesn't he? another important piece of advice. teach your children to always ask an owner before they pet any dog. it may look like a friendly dog but you never know how it might react. firefighters in florida had to go through the floor to save
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a puppy that was trapped under a house. they call the dog 8-ball. it was tangled in a rope out of reach so the firefighters humid a difficult time getting to him yesterday. after several hours they pulled him out and gave him to his relieved owners and they say they were awfully glad to have him back and said the floor that was destroyed, no big deal. >> 8 ball, hu? >> maybe nine lives. >> so weather getting better or what? weather getting better. it depends on how you look at it. no storms but -- chilly again. damp will start tomorrow with fog across the area. we're not done with the storms. we're going to have more coming our way on friday afternoon. right now we have the clouds that are happening low across the area and temperatures are getting really close to the dew point testimony so i'm seeing visibility drop in quite a few locations right now. we started the day at 57 degrees. your high today, 79.
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that was at 4:00 today. rainfall deficit, we sure could use some rain. didn't get anything in the bucket at reagan national. the rainfall deficit close to 4" for the year and for the month, the rainfall deficit over an inch. right now reagan national, 58 degrees and relative humidity, 81%. the dew point, 52. winds from the east at about 10 miles an hour. it's the easterly wind all night long. first thing tomorrow morning and probably for much of the day, it will stick around pushing moisture our way. rainfall amounts up in frederick close to three quarters of an inch. martinsburg over an inch. those locations managed to squeeze some out. leesburg over a third of an inch. there's the weather front on out across southern areas of virginia. there was quite a bit of hail damage, and wind damage. richmond, norfolk and roanoke, this front won't lift back to
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the north until late tomorrow night so we'll stay with an easterly wind and temperature at 58 and dew point temperature at 52. fog probably not burning off until about noontime and a spekd front will make its way off to the east. the system that's going to be coming in for friday will produce severe weather right now over oklahoma and kansas. nothing like at the begins of the week. the secondary area crosses by friday and for the weekend, we'll be doing okay with sunshine back in the area and more stable air. to the west is the severe weather for tomorrow. here's a look at your forecast for thunderstorm morning. drizzle and patchy fog. by the time we get to the afternoon, not much of a lift on the old mercury. only up to about 65 degrees. dampness through the day and it will be cool. a bit of warmth for friday. more than a bit. actually up to 86, the high temperatures which storms late and it could be rough weather coming your way. saturday and sunday, we'll have highs in the low to mid 60s. dry for us, the weekend, the
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tomorrow feeling like mother's day with damp stuff around the area. check your forecasts on the weather chachbl on cable. >> that is temperature fluctuation. >> you're right about that. still ahead, a 4-year-old boy tells how he saved his family from a fast-moving fire. and in sports, stephen strasberg, just bring him up, right?
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mets again? >> yeah, unlike yesterday, the nationals actually played very well this afternoon and had an unlikely hero. another one of those games where
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they kind of hung around and it was an unlikely starter that put them over the top. this time it was roger bernadino who had the game of his life. he hit his first home runs of his career, two, and then made a spectacular catch to help the nationals improve to 19-15. we're in new york, the nats taking on the mets and it's a 4-4 game and bases loaded for jeff franceour. and look at this rebound. he makes a fantastic catch. the bases were loaded and jeff franceour knew it was an opportunity missed. bernadino with the game tied and he already had his first career home run. how about a cherry on top? a two-run shot and this went to straight away center field. 6-4, the final and the nationals win improving to 19-15 on the
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season thanks to that man. if you don't believe all the media hype about the it in prize pitching prospect steven strasburg, listen to what curt schilling said, i've never seen anything like this. never. nothing close. not at this age. he comes to the big leagues he will immediately potentially be the best pitcher in the game. he's that polished. strasburg made his second start for triple-a syracuse tonight. a lot of pressure on the heels of these comments but in the top of the second, no score. strasburg facing scott moore. this is what the night had in store. nastiness. the curveball with a bottom that just drops out of it it. in the third, no score. another knee-buckling curve. strasburg very efficient. 55 strikes. curveball, and a strikeout,
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stevphen strasburg tossed air o did she it her he's 1.06 over 34 innings. >> i'm still not where i want to be. i'm still hungry and i'm starting to smell it a little bit and hopefully i can get there soon, as of right now i'm getting ready for my next start. >> what you mean you're not where you want to be? >> i don't want to be in triple-a the rest of my career. that's the great thing about this game. it being a game based on failure you can never really be perfect and it's always great to strive for that. >> you know he's not going to be in triple-a his whole career. she asked, what is a pitch count. great question. it means he won't pitch more than 85 pitches when he's in there no matter how good or bad he's pitching because they want to be careful. >> don't wear him out. >> because he's a young pitcher and they don't want him to get hurt. hockey playoffs, the montreal canadiens doing what they've been doing the entire
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most season sending another stanley cup favorite out the door. the pittsburgh penguins, ten second into the game, sydney crosby in the penalty box. tips it in for the goal and 32 seconds in, montreal is up, 1-0. third period, montreal up 3-1. penguins on the power play. travis steals the puck and takes it in on three penguins' defenders. great individual effort. the canadiens ousted the champions 5-2. montreal will play the winner of the flyers and bruins in the eastern conference finals. maybe they weren't a fluke after all? maybe not. >> thank you, dan. up next, one of the city's busiest intersections opens
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this is beyond cable. this is fios. a 4 y0e8d boy from annapolis is being called a hero after warning his family about a fire. caleb was watching television when he saw flames sunday night. he stayed calm and quickly wournded up his mother and father and two family dogs and they all got out just in time. >> my house was on fire. i told my mom and daddy and my dog to get out of the house. >> the investigators say an ember from the family's grill started the fire. they say insurance money will help to rebuild the house. the district brought back pan old concept to make one of its busiest intersections a bit
11:31 pm
safer today. officials began testing diagonal crosswalks near the verizon center. at that corner, all the traffic lights turn red and pedestrians can cross in any direction they want, including dieing a noly. they will study this for six months. they were first introduced to the district back in the '70s.
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